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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PORTOBELLO EXPLOSION - The Mod Pop Sound of Swinging London

Double doze of COOL & RARE 60's Mod/Pop/Freakbeat tunes. If you dig groups like THE WHO, SMALL FACES, ACTION, CREATION... and comps as LOOKING BACK this stuff is fer ya. Dance to the Beat of Swinging London. Dig!

Part 1                           Part 2

Monday, December 15, 2014

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS - Fuzz For Holidays 1 & 2

"This stuff is not for your traditional Bing Crosby crowd who enjoy lame Christmas music, this is for the people who like a lot of FUZZ and rock added to their holiday spirit."
Double dose of FUZZ-drenched Christmas classics forged from the fuzztasmagorical guitar of Davie Allan and The Arrows! 

 Angels We Have Heard On High
 Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
 Feliz Navidad

Hey Santa, Dig The FUZZ!

Fuzz 1                              Fuzz 2

Sunday, December 14, 2014

THE NIGHTCAPS - Wine, Wine, Wine [1960] Vinyl Rip!!!

Every so often, in the course of unearthing rock & roll history, Collectables records stumbles on a real treasure -- a musical jewel of such diamond-like symmetry and beauty, that it just makes those in its presence stop to appreciate its perfection, right down to sharp edges of its facets. These boys meshed rockabilly, R&B, Chicago blues, Delta blues, and rock & roll into a seamless whole with the kind of ease and spontaneity that recalls Elvis Presley's earliest sessions for Sun records. 
The Wine, Wine, Wine album is as perfect a blues-based rock & roll album as was ever produced by any white band, and one of the most enduring and endearing pieces of music of its era. The title-track and "Thunderbird" are the most well-known cuts here, rock & roll/rockabilly standards that are still covered by Texas bands today, but this album is filled with material that's just as good, three killer blues covers ("I Got My Mojo Working," "Sweet Little Angel," "Mojo Man"), two first-rate rock-flavored instrumentals, and a third ("Tough That's All") that's as good as any blues instrumental ever cut by any white band. Oh, and as a footnote to this amazing record, the saxman credited on the original LP as "John Hardtimes" is none other than jazz reedman John Hardee, stepping out of retirement for one session. [Bruce Eder]

What's the Word? Thunderbird!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


"I Wanna Get Out Of Here But I Can'T Take You Anywhere"

  Mings from Immingham!
Ming City Rockers hail from the place so bad they put it next to Grimsby. It’s not that time forgot it ; time never knew it was there.
Huw Stephens of Radio 1 recently said “Ming City Rockers are the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever to come out of Immingham” and he could well be right.
There’s 4 of them. They listen to Stooges, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and nothing else. They like 3 chords. 2 they like better.
What’s wrong with this world can be put right with Ming City Rockers. It’s a revolution, it’s a revultion of what we've become , it’s all it takes to make things right.
 Ming City Rockers Riot Rock Ruination.

Sounds like an evil hybrid of MC5, The Godfathers and [light weight] Motorhead, MING CITY ROCKERS are brand new infusion of Raw Power Rock'N'Roll Riot!  

"Dance to the beat of the livin' dead
Lose sleep baby and stay away from bed
Raw power is sho' to come a runnin to you"

Check out their debut slab!

Friday, December 12, 2014

HUEVOS RANCHEROS - Huevosaurus [1990]

"Cassette-only 6 trax mini-album, recorded in Richie's mom's garage on August 9, 1990. A limited number were made, and sold mostly at small gigs around Calgary."

Garage Punk/Surfin' debut rarity by these Canuck instro-monsters. Fry your brain with this crazy Link Wray/Punk beat! 

[Special Thanx! to Chad/Audio Gasoline & Calgary Cassette Preservation Society]


Wednesday, December 10, 2014


First volume in series collecting slow-grind, swing, and sleaze tracks -- the soundtrack to a smoky late-night bar in Chicago, or a hot Sunday afternoon down at the Popcorn. If you feel the cold sweat of soul, and the cool chills of haunted crooners singing out their final swan song, or the sinful shakes of R&B in its twilight years, then you have a bad case of Slow Grind Fever. This is a collection of haunting, hungry, heartbroken humdingers full of swing, sway and sleaze, with obscure B-sides sitting next to some of these great artists' last outings on wax. Dig!

Get It Here

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

THE PENETRATORS - Basement Anthology 1976-84

"In the tradition of the fine Swami reissues of Crime and Testors comes a primordial belch of pathos crushing punk ineptness. The Penetrators' Basement Anthology chronicles this criminally overlooked Syracuse bands recordings from 1976-1984. Their sound was firmly rooted in the tradition of the rebellious rock n roll of the 60's and branded with generous amounts of the attitude and style that marked the first wave of American punk bands. Basement Anthology is a time machine back into an age that chronologically is not that long ago but culturally is beyond reach. The Penetrators liberal use of gigantic bumble bee guitar rip, paper tommy gun snare attack, sure echoed vocal proclamations of eternal rock n roll lore. In a time when eyeliner and synthesizers were listed as ground breaking musical influences The Penetrators upstate isolation bred a band worthy to hold the torch of garage blasting during what was then considered dark times. Until now only championed by the Killed By Death set (is there such a thing?), Basement Anthology rectifies elusiveness and puts these legendary noise makers on the radar."

Raw & Sloppy 70's garage punk by this overlooked Syracuse, "No.1 Band In Town". It was a "Teenage Lifestyle", Stop Action 'n' Dig!

Monday, December 8, 2014

NICK RIFF - From The Heart Of Oblivion [1989]

Nick Riff, America's secret, psychedelic son, has always been in or around Rock & Roll in one form or another. Appearing at times as a studio musician, stage crew member, backing musician, or leader of one of Cleveland's more successful local bands of the mis-eighties, The Attitude he has always tried to maintain the original essence of Rock & Roll in a predominantly middle of the road society.
Throughout his various incarnations as a musician, he has released or contributed musically to vinyl EPs, 7" singles and cassette LP projects. A five song EP released in 1986 by The Attitude, on an independant Cleveland label, was well received on targeted college radio stations, nationwide and in Europe.
Over the course of his performing career, in various bands, he has appeared on concert billings with such diverse acts as D.O.A., The Replacements, R.E.M., Human Switchboard, Brian Adamas, Greg Kihn, The Feelies, Guadalcanal Diary, Chesterfield Kings, The Saints, Faith No More, The Ramones, Daevid Allen and Kevin Ayers.
1989 saw the release of his first solo project, for which he played, recorded and produced all sounds human and otherwise, on a six song cassette entitled "From The Heart of Oblivion". While receiving positive reviews in the United States and Europe from specialist publications like Factsheet Five, Unhinged, Freakbeat, Crohinga Well and CMJ Report, two songs from the "Oblivion" tape found their way onto compilation releases.
[Delirium records]

Cool & rare, Neo-Psych in the style of Bevis Frond. 
Surfadelic goes Psychedelic... again. Lost and Wild, Dig!


Sunday, December 7, 2014


The King Normals, Trashy R-billy/Beat UK band formed in early 1990, the name deriving from a phrase used in The Dave Clark Five Film ''Catch Us If You Can'' Joe liked the name as the phrase in the film, refered to Squares. The line-up consisted of Heath Murphy guitar and lead vocals, Joe Blanchet guitar and backing vocals, Tony Ames guitar, Mark "Soap" Chambers" bass guitar and backing vocals, Stuart "Peck" Perry drums. Here are their four 7"EPs recorded from 1994-1999 for Hillsdale Records.

In the other corner we have Lord Rochester "Scotland’s best sounding and best looking rock and roll show" with their roots stucked in 50's as well, influenced by R&B/R'n'R of Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry. 


Well now, it looks like it's... Two For The Price Of One, Dig!

Friday, December 5, 2014

THE TELL-TALE HEARTS - The Tell-Tale Hearts [1985] Vinyl Rip!!!

One more San Diego,Ca. 80's garage gang, the Great! T.T.HEARTS. Along with Crawdaddys "Express", Miracle Workers "Inside Out", Barracudas "Drop Out" and DMZ "Relics", this is my favorite slab 'o garage wax that came out on legendary Greg Shaw's VOXX label.
Heavily influenced by 60's Dutch garage kings THE OUTSIDERS, as well as with The Pretty Things, The Yardbirds, The Shadows of Knight and stuff, they recorded this, their debut KICK-ASS piece of lost in time, Garage Revival classic.
So punks, no more talkin' ... you got the picture... This is A MUST!!!    


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