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Friday, February 27, 2015

LITTLE RICHARD - Get Down With It: The Okeh Sessions [1966/67]

While Little Richard Penniman is well known for his Specialty, Mercury, Veejay, and Modern recordings (though many of the sides on the latter two labels were merely redos of his Specialty hits), he is little celebrated for these wonderful sides recorded for Okeh in 1966 and 1967. The Little Richard on these sessions is a seasoned R&B singer whose feet are deeply rooted in modern-era Southern soul. That said, there are a few traces of Motown that creep in as well despite the fact that the material was all recorded in Hollywood. 
For Okeh, Little Richard recorded devastatingly fine versions of "Function at the Junction," "I Don't Want to Discuss It," Berry Gordy's "M-O-N-E-Y," "Poor Dog," "Hurry Sundown," and Sam Cooke's "Well All Right" to mention a few. To help him pull it all off this was seen as a last-ditch survival effort for the singer. Little Richard's sidemen for these dates include Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Larry Williams, Eddie Fletcher, and Glen Willings a crack studio band if there ever was one. 
In sum, the Okeh material yielded one fine, 11-track album ''The Explosive'' Little Richard released in 1967, and three issued B-sides for its singles. Appearing on this comp. for the very first time are three leftover tracks that include smoking raw versions of Fats Domino's "Rocking Chair" and Leiber & Stoller's "Hound Dog." There isn't a loser in the bunch, and these performances are truly inspired, burning from start to finish; they are startling even today. [Thom Jurek]

Get Down 'n' Dig!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LOLITAS - Lolitas [1986] / Séries Américaines [1987] / Fusée d'amour [1989] / Hara Kiri [1989]

"Lolitas were a French-German rock band influenced by Punk, Rockabilly, U.S. Garage, French 60s Ye-Ye Music and Pop. Founded by Françoise Cactus and Coco Neubauer..." [from stereocandies.blogspot]

What we got here are four slabs by this real cool French singing Punk/New Wave group, influenced by Johnny Thunders, The Cramps, Tav Falco, Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley, 60's Garage & French 60's Pop. On their 3rd Lp "Fusée d'amour", they even collaborated with legends as Alex Chilton and Jim Dickinson. First stumbled upon this stuff on fine Stereocandies blog, so these great Vinyl Rips [except "Fusée d'amour"] are executed by The Candyman. Rare stuff, Enjoy!

Elle Se Balance
Ma Morphine

Monday, February 23, 2015

THE STANDELLS - Hot Ones [1967] vs THE VENTURES - Swamp Rock [1969]

Covers, Covers & more Covers!

Here are all-covers slabs by two of my favorite 60's groups, not considered as their best albums but nonetheless fun and interesting. 
 This time not in the surf mood, The Ventures take on the hits of Rolling Stones, Creedence, Elvis, Hank Williams... into Swamp instro area.
The Standells molested your fav 60's tunes by The Troggs, Donovan, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Lovin' Spoonful and even their label-mates The Chocolate Watch Band. Time stood still, dig!

Hot!                                    Swamp!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

OMAR KHORSHID - Guitar El Chark (Guitar Of The Orient) [1973-1977]

"Guitar player from Egypt. Born in 1945, he was tragically killed in a car accident in 1981.
After a few years of playing parties and small clubs, he was invited by Abdel Halim Hafez to play electric guitar with his Oriental Orchestra. He then hooked up with Oum Kalsoum and her orchestra. In 1973 he moved to Lebanon where he began making his own records and this continued until 1981.
He was also an actor, starring in several Egyptian, Lebanese, and Syrian films in the 1970s and early 1980s. It is believed that he composed music for over 40 films."

"Omar Khorshid was a massive figure in the musical movements of Egypt in the 1970s, adding his guitar to a series of bands and solo excursions ranging from the now-classic Oum Kalthoum to his own brands of psychedelic experimentation. 
As he flies through these recordings, all from the 1973-1977 period, the sound is immediately striking. The chaos of a stereotypical Middle Eastern bazaar is inherent in every track, with tiny clashes, small and large thumps of a darbukkah, and jangling percussion everywhere. With that, though, there's an organ that roves into true psychedelic territory à la Ray Manzarek more often than it stays as basic accompaniment. And there's Khorshid himself, powering his guitar through odd mixes of rhythmic exploration, of traditional scales, and of acid jazz noodling all at once. The resulting sound is simultaneously exotic, ageless, and retro-modern. But all elements are entrancing. This is nostalgic ethnic music at its finest." [Adam Greenberg]

And now for something completely different - Electrified Belly Dance Psych/Surf Exotica. Usually, I don't dig ethno stuff, but this collection has some vibes related to surf and Dick Dale Middle East influences. Anyways, pretty interesting stuff to shake your jelly belly, baby. Rock The Casbah!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

THE AQUA VELVETS - Nomad [1996]

"While the Aqua Velvets have been at the forefront of the surf revival, their music is no slavish rehash of the genre's past glories. Instead the group offers an intriguing mix of surf stylings alongside a more complex menu of echo-laden Ennio Morricone-style spaghetti-Western soundtrack music, Latin rhythms, shimmering psychedelia, and ultrahip lounge lizardry. Nomad is their third and most accomplished effort, thanks to the sensual sway of the title track opener, the gradually building intensity of "Surf Nouveau," the evocative (and wonderfully titled) "Smoking Panatelas on the Blue Mediterranean Sea," and the roiling "Holly Tiki." And that's just the first four tracks. Overall, Nomad offers the perfect accompaniment for your next surfin' safari or even a quiet evening on the couch." [Daniel Durchholz]

This is 3rd release for this SF instro-surf group and along with "Surfmania", probably their best to date.  Take a ride with cool sophisticated surfin' tunes as Surf Nouveau, Holly Tiki, Return to Paia, Summer at Dreampoint, Nomad... Psychedelic-cinematic sounds in lush Aqua Velvets style. Dig!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

THE GORIES - I Know You Fine, But How You Doin' [1990] Vinyl Rip!!!

"This here’s the Gories from Detroit, hot off the press.
It’s gonna jump on you baby and it’s gonna stay in your dress.
Here it comes!"

"After a slew of singles and one beautifully realized yet chaotic album, The Gories went to Memphis, Tennessee in 1990 to record an album at Easley Recording. The man they enlisted to helm the record was none other than Alex Chilton, formerly of the Boxtops, Big Star, and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns — an avowed rock deconstructionist who had produced the Cramps psychobilly classic, Songs the Lord Taught us.

I Know You Fine opens with a lyrically poetic and antiquated sounding DJ’s shout-out from days passed: "This here’s the Gories from Detroit; hot of the press. It’s gonna jump on you baby and it’s gonna stay in your dress. Here it comes!" And then the first song, “Hey Hey, We’re the Gories,” scratches along, playfully aping, you guessed it, The Monkees. The slightly lascivious “You Make it Move” follows, buoyed by a fuzzy, livewire guitar line and the primal, repetitive thud of what sounds like a disabused oil drum. 

Coherency is one of The Gories’ strong suits. Trying to hold such disparate influences together — Guitar Slim, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, Suicide, Joy Division, The Sonics, in a slight way, Hendrix and voodoo — could make for a messy affair, but The Gories are masters at holding many contrasting sounds together at once.

The album is top to bottom nearly flawless sly and impish garage punk, shot through with minimalist deconstructionism and is built perfectly around the flinty, abrasive and subtly textured twin guitars of Collins and Kroha. O’Neil is the minimalist foil that drives each song — try finding another band, aside from perhaps Neu!, with a drummer who so thoroughly disregards the practice of doing "fills" and makes practically no rhythmic changes.

There are four stand out songs: The impeccably literate “Thunderbird ESQ,” a song about a guy wedded more to his fortified wine than his female companion, “Smashed,” about, well you can probably figure it out, the desperate “View From Here,” and, probably their most famous song, which is not saying much, “Nitroglycerine,” a particularly sweaty song, essentially about having sex and fighting. The Gories put out one more album, the aptly titled Outta Here (1992), and then broke up." []

Blues-Garage-Punk masterpiece, now in <360> Surfadelic Stereo Vinyl Rip! Includes ''Queenie'' [not on CD]. Nitroglycerine!!!

''I’m going out gonna get my girl
Gonna go to the store buy some Thunderbird
Gonna get my car find some place to be alone
We gon’ start drinking ’til it’s all gone...''

Monday, February 16, 2015

DICK DALE - Live At Bluebird, Denver, 1997/98

Surfadelic is proud to present two GREAT!!! live shows from D.D. 90's comeback world tour, recorded at Bluebird Theatre, Denver, Colorado, USA. Nitro burnin'/ground breaking/surfin' action in stunning sound quality. A Must for Dick-heads all over the globe. Let's Go Trippin'!!!

!!! PLAY LOUD !!!

Let's Go Trippin'

Belo Horizonte

The Wedge Paradiso


Sunday, February 15, 2015

THE SURF CREATURES - X50 [1996] Vinyl Rip!!!

UK instro surf band sole lp on Sir Bald Diddley's label. Raw instro surfin' action in tradition of The Phantom Surfers & Man Or Astroman. Dig!!!
Vinyl Rip by Chad [audiogasoline].

Friday, February 13, 2015

THE KIDS - The Kids/Naughty Kids 30th Anniversary Issue [1977/78/2006]

70's Punkers from Antwerpen, Belgium recorded two classic punk slabs in '78. The Boys [UK] style KILLER Punk in This Is Rock 'N Roll, Do You Love The Nazis, Bloody Belgium, Baby That's Alright, The City Is Dead, Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist), We Are The Prisoners, No Monarchy... One of the best Euro punk bands. This here is a collection of first two lp's plus some rare & live stuff. Anarchy in Belgium, Dig!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

THE LITTLE BOY BLUES & LINDY BLASKEY AND THE LAVELS - Chicago 60's Punk vs New Mexico 60's Pop

Due to popular demand here's re-up of Eva records collection of singles by two 60's garage groups. THE LITTLE BOY BLUES from Chicago started with couple of folk rock tunes but soon switched to Garage/Blues treatment of Willy Dixon/Muddy Waters standards, Donovan and YEAH! great fuzzed-out cover of 60's punk classic "I Can Only Give You Everything" [Pebbles vol.2]. They scored an album ''In the Woodland of Weir'' in '68. but for my money their best recordings are these four 7"-ers from '65-'67.

In another corner we got fun, upbeat Garage/Pop crew from New Mexico, fronted by Lindy Blaskey [aka Lindy Blaschke]. 

"While they never broke big on the national charts, Lindy Blaskey and his band the Lavells were one of the most popular bands in the Southwest during the mid-'60s garage rock explosion. The band's frantic and dance-friendly rock made them the kings of the Albuquerque, NM, teen scene, and their popularity extended across the state. Blaskey sang and played rhythm guitar with the group, while Steve Maase played lead guitar, Art Flores handled keyboards, Carl Silva was on harmonica, Danny Valdez held down the bass, and Chuck Buckley was the drummer. Blaskey also released the band's recordings through his own record label, and their 1966 single "You Ain't Tuff" has surfaced on a number of anthologies of rare and classic garage rock sides." [Mark Deming]

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