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Saturday, January 31, 2015

THE PHANTOM SURFERS - 18 Deadly Ones!!! / Orbitron [1991]

'91. Debut Lp & Ep for masked SF kings of lo-fi surfin' instros, recorded in true Phantomatic sound! Surfadelic Vinyl Rip! Raw, Furious & Deadly!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

THEE HEADCOATS - Headcoatitude [1991]

This is their 6th LP of raw Garage/R&B/Punk with attitude. Here you gotta deal with more Kinks/Downliners Sect/Sonics 60's influenced stuff with thouch of Childish ingeniosity. As you know, Wyld Billy suffers from chronic ultra overproduction but believe you me, this is one of THEE HEADCOATS better slabs next to "Heavens To Murgatroyd..." or "The Kids Are All Square". Troubled Times, My Dear Watson, Everybody Lies, It's Gonna Hurt You and other cool low-budget/lo-fi garage hits are all here, so you gotta have Headcoatitude. Dig!!!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

THE SLAVES [Austria] - Singles '66

"Although often listed under Swiss garage bands they were an expat band from Vienna/Austria. However, they were deeply entrenched in the local band scene. Two Swiss musicians played with the SLAVES for a while: Jelly Pastorini (of later SHIVER fame) and Peter Rietmann (of DYNAMITES and SAUTERELLES fame) on bass. The core band members, however, were from Austria."

The Slaves sound was influenced by raw R&B beat of The Pretty Things and Bo Diddley. In 1966. they recorded all three of their 45's released at the same time on the Philips label in Switzerland. Some of their tunes can be heard on various garage/freakbeat comps as Pebbles, Nuggets II, Electrick Loosers, Prae-kraut Pandaemonium, World Beaters... This here is a collection of their singles you see below, so mothers... It's a SLAVE'S TIME on Surfadelic. Dig!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

THE NEATBEATS - Neat-At-Best [2004]

Collection of 45's by these Japanese Garage/Beat attraction from Osaka. Their adoration for The Beatles Hamburg-era Rock'n'Roll Beat is quite obvious and infectious. Maybe you won't understand their lyrics but you'll feel that crazy kamikaze beat for sure. 
So punks... if you dig stuff like The Kaisers or The Milkshakes then ya know whatcha gonna do. Be prepared for The Japanese R'n'R Attack! 汚れたを掘る!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

THE VENTURES - Instrumental Overdose!!!

There is no such thing as "too much Ventures" says Chad , I said Wow! it's kinda overdose but... it's a COOL one... I Dig!

[Special Thanx To Chad (audiogasoline) for links]










Saturday, January 24, 2015

BOSS MARTIANS - Surfadelic Collection

Another Surfadelic favorite 90's Hot Rod/Surfin'/Garage Punk gang, this time from the home of North-West garage, Seattle, Washington. Influenced by legendary sixties groups as The Trashmen, The Sonics, The Wailers, Astronauts, Paul Revere & The Raiders as well as [later  in career] with Small Faces, Elvis Costelo, Cheap Trick, MC5, they recorded bunch of singles and Lp's for Dionysus, Hillsdale, Estrus, Screaming Apple...
Fronted by unbeatable guitar hero Evan Foster, BOSS MARTIANS have gone a long way from retro surfin'/hot rodders to garage punk/power pop hitmakers, but everything they did is always in the BOSS STYLE. This here is collection of some favorite instro & vocal tunes from their 45's & Lp's + couple of  rare demo trax. And remember... Dial M for Martians! I Am Your Radio. Dig!!!

Hot Foot
She's In, You're Gone
I Am Your Radio
Mean Model A
One Mean Gasser

Friday, January 23, 2015

FIFTY FOOT COMBO - Caffeine [2002]

4th & best slab for Belgian instro rockers & GREAT LIVE ACTS [Look below]. Organ driven, fuzzed-out 60's surf/lounge, Booker T./Davie Allan influenced all-instro action for fans of Tiki Tones, Bomboras, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited... Here you gotta choose Cd or Lp version or both! Get A Buzzz!

LP                                CD

Thursday, January 22, 2015

ZOLAR X - X Marks The Spot [2007]

If the 20-song compilation of interstellar glam rock Timeless wasn't enough for sci-fi rock collectors, there's hope yet. Nearly 35 years after Zolar X formed, they swooped in to return with their second album, X Marks the Spot. While their ability to keep the Martian man costume party going this long is astounding, what's more intriguing is that nothing has changed since their '80s album, Zap! You're Zolarized. They sound (and look, according to the album cover) completely identical to the way they did with the original incarnation of the band. Songwriting is still top-notch and they are as vicarious as they were in their multicolored pixie-wigged heyday. Even the production quality sounds identical. Fans will be pleased as punch that the grown-up version of the band is still singing about laser beams, humanoids, and meteors, and ultimately has stayed true to the original vision of the group. Most importantly, they haven't lost their ability to craft huge hooks and melodic harmonies, especially on the spacecraft-themed "Retro Rockets" and "Saucers on Sunset." Even after all these years, they rock as hard they did in the '70s. It's almost as if they haven't aged at all. Perhaps they really are aliens. 
[Jason Lymangrover]


Retro Rockets

Hyper Space Drive

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

THE SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS - Rip It Up! [Surfadelic Collection]

Surfadelic "Best Of" collection of thee best garage punk gang in past two decade. Non-stop pounding  rock'n'roll action by these New Jersey action kids, covering favorite stuff from their five studio slabs. Fast & furious 60's & 70's inspired garage rock in tradition of The Sonics, Lyres, Real Kids, Devil Dogs, Ramones... MIGHTY Originals and COOL covers in unbeatable Neckbreakin' style. Rip It, Rip It Up!!!

[Front cover art by Charlie Starkey]

Definition Of Love
Mighty Mack
Pool Hoppin'
I Live For Buzz

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